Below are some videos from presentations of State of the World 2013.

State of the World 2013 Symposium

(In 5 parts: “Beyond Sustainababble” by Worldwatch President Robert Engelman, Panel on “Getting to True Sustainability,” Panel on “Getting Through the Long Emergency,” Keynote by science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson, and Closing Reflections by Town Creek Foundation Executive Director Stuart Clarke.)

State of the World 2013 Launch and Seminar in Copenhagen

In 6 parts: Robert Engelman, Christian Friis Bach, first discussion panel (Robert Engelman, Christian Friis Bach, Dagfinn Høybråten), Ed Groark, Katherine Richardson, and second discussion panel (Martin Ågerup, Ed Groark, Jasper Seinhausen, Katherine Richardson).

State of the World 2013 Authors

Robert Engelman, President of the Worldwatch Insistute. Author of Chapter 1: “Beyond Sustainababble” / Michael Renner, Author of Chapter 31: “Climate Change and Displacements” / Jennie Moore, Author of Chapter 4: “Getting to One-Planet Living” / Kim Stanley Robinson, Author of Chapter 34: “Is It Too Late?” / Michael Maniates, Author of Chapter 24: “Teaching for Turbulence” / Erik Assadourian, Author of Chapter 10 & 27: “Re-engineering Cultures to Create a Sustainable Civilization” & “Building an Enduring Environmental Movement”

State of the World 2013 Press Breakfast

Includes remarks by Robert Engelman, State of the World 2013 co-directors Erik Assadourian and Tom Prugh, and Jennie Moore, director of sustainable development and environmental stewardship in the School of Construction and the Environment at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

JTS Presents “Economies for a Sustainable Earth”

Panel discussion with Laura Berry, Executive Director of the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility, Alexa Bradley, a Program Director at On The Commons, and Erik Assadourian, State of the World 2013 co-director. Moderated by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, founder of the Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network.

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