Muy Bueno Bean and Cheese Quesadillas

beans and salsa mix
Mashed beans and salsa mix.

12-ounce container of fresh or homemade salsa

15-ounce can of black beans

6-8 ounces of cheddar cheese (grated–ideally by you and not pre-grated with preservatives)

12 small whole wheat tortillas

Canola or other high-heat oil for cooking

Cooking Directions:

First drain then mash black beans in a bowl (the bottom of a glass seems to work best for mashing). Then add salsa and mix.

grated cheeseHeat cast-iron skillet on medium heat, coat with oil and heat tortilla, put on thin layer of cheese and spread a scoop of the bean and salsa mix. Add another thin layer of cheese on top and put another tortilla on top. (The cheese holds everything together.)

Cook until brown, flip over (using two plates makes this a lot easier) and cook other side.

Repeat 6 more times (adding a bit of oil each time) and you’ve got enough quesadillas for a few meals. Easy to eat for toddlers and super tasty for everyone. Add sour cream, guacamole, or just eat plain like we do. Any way you do, they’re good.

Note: we were eating these long before we had our son, and we still mashed the beans. This gives a nice smoothness and consistency to the quesadillas.

And try mixing this up with other beans, or bean combinations (e.g. black and pinto), or adding some mashed squash into the mix. Or use Pepperjack cheese, or some red pepper flakes to add a bit of spice. Our toddler seems to like spice a lot–as long as it’s not so much that it burns his mouth!  Buen provecho!

quesadillas - FB
Quesadillas just missing its final tortilla cover. Add, cook, and serve hot and tasty!

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